• Providing HELP with Advocacy for Seniors and End of Life Planning
  • Mon-Fri: 8:30a.m. to 5:30p.m.
    Evening & Weekends: By Request


What I Do

Holistic End of Life Planning currently provides assessments and consultations, case management, systems navigation, grief work and interactive on-line workshops.

In-person speaking events, companionship and vigil services are not available at this time due to current Covid-19 Pandemic Protocols. These services will resume as health protocols allow.

Areas of Focus

Housing Transitions, How to choose a Long Term Care Home where you can thrive, How Living with Dementia affects us (for both individuals and caregivers), Elder Abuse, Hoarding, Non-pharmacological interventions and Behavioural Supports, Building a Safe Circle of Care, Caregiver Stress, End of Life Planning, Preparing for Anticipated Death, Grief Work.

Related Fees

Initial Assessment and Consultation: $100.00
Case Management & Systems Navigation: $60.00 / hour
End of Life Planning and Grief Work: $60.00 / hour
Companionship and Vigiling: $40.00 / hour
In-person Educational Speaking Events / Workshops: individually priced
Interactive Online Workshops: $65.00 / full day, $40.00 / half-day
Other Services: individually priced

Holistic End of Life Planning is a Professional Social Work Advocacy and End of Life Planning Service. Upon request, referrals can be given for other professional services such as Counselling and Therapy, Accounting & Income Tax Preparation, Legal Issues and Funeral Planning.

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